My book TRENCH ART - the stories behind the talismans was the subject of Richard Fidler's Conversation Hour on ABC Radio National on Remembrance Day 2015. 


The book includes a Foreword by Dr Brendan Nelson, Director of the Australian War Memorial, who added the generous endorsement 'Congratulations - a great work.'


Jane A Kimball, author of the definitive work TRENCH ART - An Illustrated History, wrote

Hi Judy,

Your splendid book arrived a few days ago. . .  I like to think that I've bought every book on trench art I can find.  Yours is unique in the objects shown and the connections to individual soldiers.
. . . Congratulations on your wonderful book.


Nicholas J Saunders, Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol and author of Trench Art and much more, wrote - 

 . . . a real contribution to understanding the 'social lives' of trench art. It looks like a coffee table book, but has a deeper emotional message - 'art in the face of war'. 

Military History Monthly, Issue 80, May 2017.

On a personal note, Professor Saunders added 'I could have written much more. . .  Great book!'  Much appreciated support from a true professional, passionate about his subject.