This double page spread is George Stanley's description of those in his tent at Calais.  What follows is a transcription of Stanley's comments.   Note:  Many of those listed have contributions in all three sketchbooks. Names, addresses and service numbers, with available enlistment details, will be added later.
 1.  Arthur Britton       Corporal A. Britton, "our corp.," who was wounded in the Dardanelles on Aug. 7, 1915. He was attached to our Co. at its formation. He's "still going strong".  2.  George V. Stanley   This is No. 2's book  (George Stanley himself) . He is also known as "Codge", "Nine Miles of Bad Road", "Slim Jim", "Nuisance"; but these are only a few of his aliases.  3.  C.Harold Fitch       "Our" mad musician. You'll gather one impression of him from the bottom of this page (his thumbprint). He's a Cambridge "chap" of some "tone", don't you know.. His feet are a curse to No. 2  (the writer George Stanley).   4.  J.S. Mutch   5.  T.W. Mutch   "Bruvers" "Always merry and bright".  6.  Geo Laedles ?  Our French Scholar, and general informant on all business matters. He knows almost every place in the kingdom. Official "scraper and bill-sticker" at the Bakery. His wonderful detective propensities yet to be revealed to the world.  7.  Geo 3 Spencer   Interested in everything and anybody, and everybody and anything.He is really the "Dormouse" of the tent, but he finds time to put all of us in our places. Kept up to the standard of excellence by No 3  (Cambridge undergrad C. Harold Fitch) .  8.  W. Norwood   The cornet player , who, however, hides his light under a bushel.  9.  E.L. Johnson   Company tailor. A real big nuisance in the tent, because he has so many visitors - truly popular.  10.  T.H. Gee   M cubed I C  11.  A.V. Arnold   Really the "father" of the tent - his face betrays it. Famous for the large mails he receives. A prominent member of the famous No. 1 at the Bakery.
 Note: On Friday, April 13th (notice the unlucky combination of date and day) this management came to an end, for No. 1 had to quit and 'new material' came in.   "Our little systems have their day;  They have their day and cease to be;  But the system we would like to end  Is the British Ar-Ar-Mee."
    Later in the red book is this double page spread of names and addresses of those in the NCC.
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