I. A "Squib" (Small Scouting 'Plane - British).
C W Elliott's schoolboy sketchbook WW1
III. British Biplane attacked by Hun Scouts.
V. British aeroplanes attacking enemy Base.
VII. A "Bristol" Scouting aeroplane.
IX. British Seaplanes & Motor-boats attacking U-boat.
XI. Vickers Biplane fighting a Taube.
XIII. A North Sea sun-set in War-time.
XV. British Battle squadron under way.
XVII. T.B.D. attack on Hun Battleship: Jutland 1916.
XIX. The Roaring Lion.
XXI. "Probable" destruction of a "U" boat.
XXII. British troops repelling Ger-
XXIII.  -man attacks E. of Armentieres.
XXIV. British outposts in action.
XXVI. When tank meets tank.
XXVIII. British airmen dispersing German troops.
XXX. An attack on a "Pill-Box".
XXXIV. The Seven Wise men - as they are.
XXXVI. The Seven wise men - as they used to be (B.C.400)
XXXVIII. A Likely Boundery. (sic)
ILIV. A Valuable document.
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