My most exciting moment after publishing my book was when I saw that Jane Kimball had bought my book online, from America.

I was thrilled. Jane A Kimball is the author of the definitive work on trench art. Her book TRENCH ART - An Illustrated History is THE work on trench art. 

The correspondence below shows what a warm and open-hearted person she was. She was the established professional, I was a novice author with my first ever book - on her subject. Her generous support meant the world to me.

I heard recently that Jane has died. Professor Saunders heard it from a colleague in Paris. I have been trying to confirm it, but it appears to be true. Her website has been taken down and there is no response from her private email address. 


Vale Jane Allison Kimball. Here's to frolicking and good brew!


From: Judy Waugh <>

Subject: Re: I've posted Trench Art - the stories behind the talismans

Date: 11 March 2016 7:11:28 am AEST

To: Jane Kimball <>

Hi Jane


Thanks so much for your warm, generous message. It made my day. I went around with a great smile on my face, hugging myself with a lovely sense of success.


The movie-like scene from your devastated cottage was beautiful from this distance. My sympathies for the damage - and the cold.


I’d love you to mention the book to your friends. I was offered a publishing deal for royalties here and in the UK but they wanted 100% copyright for 5 years. That was unacceptable to me so I self-published. Each sale feels like a huge win - a nice justification  of the risk I took.


It’s such a good feeling. I’m just coming into my prime! And yes, it would be lovely to meet you - particularly if I could overcome my stage fright.




PS No - I didn’t get to the Ypres conference. But the frolicking and good brew makes me so much wish I had!!!



On 10 Mar 2016, at 8:24 am, Jane Kimball <> wrote:

Hi Judy,

Your splendid book arrived a few days ago. Thank you for sending it airmail. I like to think that I've bought every book on trench art I can find.  Yours is unique in the objects shown and the connections to individual soldiers. I can appreciate all the research you have done to breathe life back into these wonderful pieces. The photographs are superb too.

Practically just as I had opened the package, I received a telephone call telling me that our summer cottage in the Rocky Mountains had flooded because of a broken pipe.  I drove up there to assess the damage.  The floors had to be stripped to the sub-floors and new floors installed. Our furniture was piled helter-skelter in the one area of the living room that hadn't flooded. The computer connection did not work, neither did the TV. The kitchen was piled neck high with more furniture. It was so cold that all the area rugs had frozen to the floor.  I have spent time since then trying to decide what needs replacement.  In the evening I spent my time in one of the two chairs that were in another room comforted by reading your book.

Back home in Santa Fe, it continues to fascinate me. I think I have a few engraved coins with names, but I've never done any research on them. 
Congratulations on your wonderful book.  If you would like me to give the publishing details to my trench art collector friends, I will be only too happy to do so.

It's too bad we live so far away; it would be lovely to meet you.

Did you by any chance go the the First (and last as far as I know) International Trench Art Conference in Ypres (organized by Nick Saunders and Dominick Dendooven) a few years ago? It was very good, and a group of us from the UK frolicked and ate good food and brew.  


All Best,



On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 7:01 PM, Judy Waugh <> wrote:
Hi Jane

I sent the book by airmail today. It should arrive within 7 - 10 business days.

The tracking number is


and can be tracked at

Thanks for buying the book. I hope you like it.