The following sketchbooks / war albums reflect what was being taught in classrooms during WW1.

The emphasis is on heroes.

Elliott's sketches are of heroic deeds. Parallels are drawn with the heroes of ancient Greece. He was also taught the importance of Empire, showing the Glory of the Lion as Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and the African colonies.

Marjorie's War Album is a parade of heroes - royalty, generals, and servicemen and women from Belgium, France, Russia, Japan, Australia, India, and the colonies in general.

There is no denigration of the enemy. Elliott shoots down enemy planes and bombs ships but that's part of war. Marjorie has the Germans surprised by the Allies when they cut into a pie - but they are not portrayed as evil. 

They were taught about honour and glory - comrades together in a just cause.

They were not taught to hate. 

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This is consistent with the sketchbooks of the soldiers themselves - on both sides. The sketchbook of German officer Kolling is similar in style and tone to Henry Ogle's journals and sketchbook from the Somme.