King George V, Princess Mary, Albert King of the Belgians, Lord Bishop of London
Field-Marshal Sir John French, General Botha, General Sir H.L. Smith-Dorrien, General Joffre
Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, Vice-Admiral Sir Fredk Sturdee, Captain J.C.T. Glossop HMAS Sydney, President Poincare
Earl Kitchener, General Sir Douglas Haig, Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty, Admiral Boue de Lapeyrere
Queen of the Belgians, A "Bonnie Scottie"
His Majesty King George V  From a Photograph
God Keep our Hosts and Guard the Flag we Love, and General Joffre
A War Alphabet
Poems by Vera B.M. Meiklejohn
Field Marshal Sir John French, and Serving the Guns
The Red Cross of Mercy, and Albert, King of the Belgians
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