'Simply stunning on so many levels'

Fabulous feedback from Judy Bolton, Head of Information Services at St Paul's School Bald Hills. The fact that it was unsolicited made it all the sweeter. I can't stop smiling!!

On 27 Oct 2017, at 2:34 pm, Judy Bolton <J.Bolton@stpauls.qld.edu.au> wrote:

Dear Judy

I recently purchased “Trench Art…” for our School Library. I just wanted to email you to say thank you; it is a truly magnificent book! For one who loves the printed word, I couldn’t get enough of it! I would like to forward to you the email which I sent to our Social Science department.

This book has been catalogued and will be available for borrowing in the next few days after it is processed.

 It is one of the most impressive NF books I have read. It is simply beautiful. After  a description of the object, there is a paragraph on how it was constructed, then a comment (on its unique qualities etc), then it gives information on the owner (including their service record, sometimes a letter…) I was spellbound – alternating between near-tears and then amazement at the beautiful work and the sentiments expressed therein.

 It is a winner, IMO! It should be great for the Year 9 unit, but just fascinating for a read for interest too!

It is simply amazing in so many respects, and the research that must have gone into its production is incredible. Simply stunning on so many levels.

Thank you so much

 Judy Bolton

Head of Information Services